Show who you really are to the world.

Apply for jobs on Velents through app or if invited. In addition we allow candidates to be visible through engaging in a revolutionary professional network with the chance to brand themselves.

Why Velents?

VResume for Personal Branding

Users can create videos to share their experience, consultancy or even video-CV and share it across on the platforms. Access assessment center and get reports about their skills or professional simulations.

Content Creation & Engagement

Users can create business videos and share them with their community on Velents. Host interactive live streaming sessions. Offer paid content for followers on subscription or donation basis.

Video Based Pitching

Use video to show the world the best of yourself and get hired 3x faster !

First Interview/Apply for jobs

Users can view jobs posted on Velents, apply on the job directly and save the time of the back and forth interviews. Also users can apply for jobs recruiters invited them to apply through the app

Improve your skills

Communicate with mentors and industry gurus to get advice and mentorship to improve your skills and be on the right track

' Showing the best side of my career and ability to express myself was one thing I benefited from on Velents. I got here through making a virtual one way interview on the platform and loved the other features.;
Felix Doughry
UX Designer

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